6 Platforms for Blog Growth You Need to Be Using

6 Platforms for Blog Growth You Need to Be Using

6 Platforms for Blog Growth You Need to Be Using - Bloguettes

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Aw, you’re growing up! Okay, not exactly in a literal sense, but an essential part of growth for your blog is finding fresh readers and adding them to your #BlogFam. But, you might have questions on how exactly to go about that.

Here, your questions have been answered! We’ve laid out a grand total of 6 fantastic platforms for you to utilize in the never ending process of growing your blog. So give these a try, and expand your voice beyond 280 Twitter characters! Here’s our sacred six:

6 Platforms for Blog Growth:



What began as a simple magazine-style content reading app has most recently evolved into a personalized, yet public content portfolio. The recent upgrades to Flipboard allow users to read content linked with their very own social media accounts, subscribe to other feeds, and follow thousands of topics published by fellow flippers.

With these features, you can essentially create a magazine tailored to your blog, and introduce a summary of it to the world. Also, Flipboard is now both a mobile and web application, so you can easily access it to get started. By following their provided steps of creating a profile, following topics similar to that of your blog, and creating one or many magazines- you’re practically done! Now, just ensure you steadily curate your own content while still following other similar topics and commenting on them; the Flipboard community will do the rest! So, sit back, read a media magazine, and watch your blog numbers keep flipping upward. (pun intended)



Think of StumbleUpon like Tinder for your blog. Kind of fun, kind of scary, and kind of unexpected with results. StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators for the top seven social media sites today. This is because it does all the work in finding top quality content for everyone to become virtually obsessed with. It allows users to literally stumble upon a page, like (stumble) or dislike it, and even share what they stumbled on other media sites with a quick link!

For each like your page gets, it gets placed in the StumbleUpon lineup to be seen more. The secret to success on this site? Great content! You want users to like, share, and follow your page. The best part? Once they do this, you can actually send your content directly to them! So… what are you waiting for? Go get those likes!



Yay, here’s one that was actually designed to create blog traffic! Digg is technically defined as a “social news site,” but its real function is to help users find blog posts and webpages of their interest. Then, it does the blogger a favor by promoting the blog that the user liked.

Here’s how it works: Users submit (digg) webpages or blog posts they enjoy by entering the URL for the specific page as well as a short description and selecting a category that page fits in. Each entry is public for all users to view on the “Upcoming Articles” page. Other users can then digg or “bury” those submissions, meaning they just ignore them. Submissions that get oodles of diggs will appear on the main page of the Digg website under “Popular Articles,” where other Digg users can find them and click on the links to visit the original articles. Users can even add friends to their pages to comment and share submissions with.

Deemed the most popular social news site online, here are five tips from Digg to drive blog traffic:


5 Quick Tips for Using Digg
  • Digg the original source

  • Don’t Digg your own posts

  • Digg several articles at a time

  • Use a good title and description in your Diggs

  • Be an active Digg user

So there you have it! Time to roll up those boss lady sleeves and get to digging! 



Everybody loves free followers, right? Bloglovin’ gives you just that! The site’s concept allows users to follow blogs in a fun and simple way, with the platform letting readers discover new blogs, follow posts, and create a custom “blog feed” of their own interests. Think of it like an Instagram built specifically for blog posts. Simple enough, right? The concept is appealing for bloggers, because it requires no separate work. Posts are automatically published and sent to followers’ feeds after you sign up and claim your blog, all in three easy steps! 

First, sign up for an account via email or Facebook. Then, claim your blog by searching the URL and syncing it with your profile. (Every blog has an automatic simplified version of it’s content.) The third and final step is to follow other relevant blogs! Just like Instagram, you have to be active and support the community in order to receive attention in return. 



Here’s a site that actually takes a little bit of work to see the payoff, but when done right that payoff can be enormous for your blog and career. Reddit is a simple textual online discussion forum, set up in a you post – they comment, or vice versa fashion. 

Now, there’s a catch. As it turns out, Redditors hate marketing on “their” site. So basically, you can’t market yourself if you want to succeed here. Instead, you must become one with the Redditors. If you can pull off the slight disguise, you can surely achieve greatness here. We recommend summarizing your blog content as one of your readers would, and then linking the original post in your summary. This will open up a flow of blog followers, comments, and maybe even a few great ideas you can snag from responses to improve your blog! 

The Reddit community is beyond enormous, with 203 million site visits last month, and it’s also filled with amazing feedback. Just because you identify as a blogger, doesn’t mean you can’t identify as a Redditor as well. So go on, channel your inner Hannah Montana and expand your blog identity within another great online community! 



Ahh, the virtual scrapbook of wonderful and creative things. With over 70 million users currently, Pinterest is the place to be. As the fastest growing social network last year, Pinterest is still in its prime, making it a great place to catch they eye of potential blog supporters! So, how do you catch someone’s eye?  The answer is within the power of the pin. Let’s break down exactly what that means: 

6 Platforms For Blog Growth You Need to Be Using - Bloguettes
  • Pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet.

  • Lifespan of pins are 1 week, compared to 24 minutes on Twitter or 90 minutes on Facebook.

  • Each pin is bound to on average promote 2 page visits and 6 page views, which may sound minuscule, but it adds up quick!

With these pin perks in mind, getting started should be a no-brainer; just make sure you sign up for a business account instead of the latter option. From there, you’ll learn to catch pin interest with copy descriptions, pin your posts at the right moment (generally 3 pm,) create pin-worthy images, and even join a group board to collaborate with similar blogger profiles. 

So what are you waiting for? You now have the scoop on six handy platforms to grow your blog bigger and better than ever before. 

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