7 Reasons You Need a Social Media Management Tool

7 Reasons You Need a Social Media Management Tool

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Social media and marketing to together like peanut butter and jelly–they’re good on their own, but together, they make the ultimate dream team.

However, it’s no secret that social media success takes hard work. Whether you’re using it for business or to build your personal brand, it can be challenging to create and maintain a presence across multiple platforms. This is where a social media management tool comes in handy!

Social media management tools don’t necessarily do all of the work for you, but they do make your life a whole lot easier. Think of them like a social media sidekick! Here are 8 ways having one of these tools can help!


7 Reasons to Have a Social Media Management Tool


Organize Your Social Calendar


If you’re like many of us, you use a planner to keep track of things in your daily life. You write down what you’ve completed, what you have left to do, and what’s coming up in the next day, week, month, and so on. What do you use to keep track of your social media life?

Think of a social media management tool like a virtual planner. It’ll help you stay on top of what you’ve posted, what to post next, and what types of content to create. It will give you the organization you need to come up with a strategy, which leads us to our next point!


Have A Social Media Strategy


What do all of the successful brands on social media have in common? The answer is simple–they have a social media strategy!

Without a strategy in place, it can be hard to determine what’s working for you and what isn’t, which can lead to frustration over time. However, having a strategy can actually save you time, money, and unnecessary effort. It will tell you where to focus your efforts in order to meet your overall goals. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness and reach the young, female demographic, stepping up your Pinterest game may be the way to go. If this is the case, a tool like BoardBooster that recycles your pins can help.


Manage Multiple Accounts


As a social media guru, you wear a lot of different hats. In order to reach a diverse audience, you probably have content going out on all platforms at all times. Rather than logging into each platform individually, though, there are tools out there that actually allow you to manage all of your social accounts from one portal. That’s right, no more jumping back and forth between Facebook and Twitter and running the risk of neglecting one! Not only will this make your life a whole lot easier, but it will also make you much more effective on social media! Plus, you’ll have the chance to slow down and breathe every once in awhile.


Engage with Your Audience


Engagement is a key ingredient for social media success. As a brand, it’s so important that you’re interacting with your audience–commenting, liking, following…the list goes on!

But how do you find time to keep up with all of this? There are tools out there that allow you to centralize all of your messages into a single stream where you can keep tabs on them, so no inquiry will go unnoticed. Responding to customer or follower comments can be what makes the difference between someone who unfollows and turns into a loyal fan!


Team Collaboration


If you’re using social media for business, chances are you’re not the only one that logs into the account. Social media is a team effort, so it’s important to find a way for everyone to collaborate and stay in the loop.

To avoid situations like 2 people responding to the same message, there are tools out there designed to streamline team communication by allowing you to work within a shared inbox. Go team!


Analyze Performance


When planning for the future, it’s important to evaluate the past to see what worked and what didn’t! Social media management tools can provide you with data you can use to make informed decisions when it comes to your account.

Specifically, social media management tools can tell you what platforms work best for you, who’s engaging with your content, what types of posts perform best, when the best time of day to post is, and more!

All of this information should inform your social media strategy. For example, if you find that photos you share with people and faces tend to perform best on Instagram, try to incorporate more of these into your grid!


How to Choose the Right Tool


Some social media management tools can be used across platforms, whereas others are platform-specific. So, we recommend choosing your tools based on where you want to grow and your overall goals.

For example, do you want to boost engagement across all channels and extend the reach of your content? An all-encompassing tool might be best for you. Or, do you want to hone in on a specific platform? Choose a tool that’s specific to the platform you’re trying to grow. Use this list to help guide you when looking for tools to incorporate into your strategy!

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