What Good Photography Can Do for Your Brand

What Good Photography Can Do for Your Brand

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Today, we live in a world that’s more visual than ever! If you’re looking for a way to stand out as a brand, it’s so important to be able to represent who you are visually. Photography plays a big role in showing the personality of your brand and telling your story, and when done well, it can also give you a competitive edge.

Too often, brands fail to invest the time and funds that great photography requires. However, this is an important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked! When you make photography a priority, your brand will reap so many benefits. Read along as we walk you through what good photography can do for your brand:


What Good Photography Can Do For Your Brand


Brand Recognition


Having great photography can give your brand the recognition it deserves! Think of it this way—if you want to build a recognizable brand, you need to have a good first impression.

Having high quality, branded images is a great way to do this. As you develop the style and feel of your brand’s photos, you’ll be able set yourself apart from competitors. Over time, your followers will come to know and love the visual elements of your company’s brand, and they’ll be able to recognize you from a mile away.

Glossier does an amazing job of maintaining their unique photography stye across their social channels and website. All of their photos come together to create a cohesive feel, and they each have that famous ‘Glossier touch.’

Drive Sales


Great visual content can drive sales! How so? Beyond just creating a good perception, photography is also important on a practical level. Oftentimes, when customers buy online or decide to follow an account, they make their decision based on the photos they see. Essentially, high-quality photos will make customers feel confident in their decision to buy or follow.

For example, have you ever been online shopping and left a site because the products looked, well….less than great? This happens all too often, because brands don’t see the value in investing in their product photography. When you’re shopping for clothes, would you be more compelled to buy if you saw a top on a hanger against a white wall, or would you rather see it on a model, styled in a creative way? Our guess is that you would pick the latter.

The bottom line is that photos that are are professional, clear, and show the product in use and at all angles (or maybe they even showcase it in a compelling video), make customers feel more confident in their purchase decision. It’s that simple!

Gain Credibility


Credibility is such an important part of branding. Whether we like it or not, we tend to make snap judgments, and often do it subconsciously. So, when it comes to the visual elements of your brand, a professional appearance immediately makes us feel like we can trust the source. When your followers or customers trust you, they’re more likely to remain loyal over time and give you referrals.

Grow Your Following


Who doesn’t want to grow their following? When it comes to social media, we’re drawn to pretty pictures…period. Yes, other factors come into account like your captions, engagement, and so on. But oftentimes, pictures are the first thing we’re drawn to, and they determine whether or not we hit that follow button.

Boost Your Site’s SEO


What does imagery have to do with SEO? One of the factors that impacts your site’s success is bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, this means that visitors come to your site and leave almost immediately. If you have a low bounce rate, this means that many of your visitors are coming to your site and engaging with your content for longer periods of time.

So what impacts your visitors’ decision to stay or leave? In addition to other factors, in many cases it’s your photos! If you’re loving the photography on a site you stumble across, you’ll want to stay awhile and check out more. This is especially true if you sell a product and want to showcase its features through imagery.

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