The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Brand Inspiration

The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Brand Inspiration

Oh, Instagram…a place where we can be inspired just by scrolling through our feeds! These days, there are so many accounts out there with visually stunning imagery and inspiring words.

One of the things we love most about Instagram is that it’s truly a place for everyone. Whether you’re a photographer, makeup artist, or florist, Instagram is an amazing platform to share what you do and what you love!

If you’re looking to establish your brand’s look and feel on Instagram, we’ve got just the round-up for you. These accounts know how to rock the grid, and because of it, they’ve found amazing success on the platform! Check out some of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow for brand inspiration:

@desenio: Desenio’s account features a wide variety of high quality posters and fashionable art prints that can be bought online! We’re in love with their prints, and we’re even more in love with their feed! Desenio does an amazing job of showcasing their products while maintaining a beautiful color-coordinated feed. Their photos are simple and neutral, but as you scroll through their feed, photos rotate from having pops of green, blue, and soft pink!

@noiseandnotion: Noise + Notion belongs to our very own Creative Director, Amy! Her grid is the perfect embodiment of all things pretty, and every post leaves us inspired. We’re in love with her minimalist vibe!

@figtny: If you love cool tones, this is the feed for you! Figtny is a fashion blogger, and she uses her Insta to showcase her amazing aesthetic and outfit inspiration. All of her photos flow together and create a seamless, gray-toned feed!

@andicsinger: We’re swooning over this fashion-forward feed! Andy Csinger has a unique style and uses her IG to show it off! Head over to her feed to browse her one-of-a-kind looks and feed!

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I have stretch marks on my thighs from growing "too fast" as a kid. I have a scar on my forehead from getting stitches. My right front tooth turns just a little bit and food gets stuck in it all the time. my weight fluctuates in five pound increments sometimes. I've been told I have a big forehead and chubby fingers. my toenail is about to fall off because it got rolled over while I helped an old lady walk to her car. I'm awkward when I try to be funny and I have two left feet when I try to dance. My eyebrows are unevenly shaped, my hair gets really stringy really fast, and I wear patterned shirts or jackets when I speak in front of crowds because I sweat when I get nervous LOL. I don't know all the latest trends, and honestly, I don't even care to keep up with them anymore…I mean that's EXHAUSTING right? There's all sorts of things about me that could be "fixed" to meet societies standards. And I'd bet the same is true for you. But maybe we have to have uneven eyebrows and weird fingers and a broken toenail and maybe even sweat a little because that's HUMAN. That's real. And as much as we obsess over trends and fads and beauty products and all the other things that promise to "fix" something that wasn't even really broken in the first place, we totally miss the beauty of brokenness & of being RAW. So I guess I'm just here to say: we all have our things. That little cellulite, that weird mole, that broken toenail, or those chubby fingers. The world will always tell you you're too much of one thing or not enough of something else. But please realize that God didn't make you broken. It's the world the breaks us. Societies unattainable standards break us… they totally crush us and divide us. So maybe that little insecurity is there for a reason. Maybe it's there to unite you. To remind you to be HUMAN. To dare you to bust out of the bars you let society put on you and actually just live…raw, real, and messy lives where beauty is not what imperfection you try to fix but in the heart and the laughter and the dancing with God. Because you are fearfully & wonderfully made to be real, live full, and dance with all those imperfections — two left feet and all. ✌🏼

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@soulscripts: Jordan’s feed is sure to put a smile on your face! Her feed is warm, happy, and inviting. We’re big fans of her mission and her grid’s aesthetic!

@jenniferxlauren: Are you a lover of all things pink? Look no further! This feed shows us how to feature a pop of color in a totally chic way. We can’t get enough!

@rowanmade: Rowan Made is a small design and educational studio with a knack for simplicity and story telling, and their grid embodies this perfectly! If you love neutral colors and simple design, head over to their feed to get some inspo!

@riflepaperco: We are big fans of Rifle Paper Co. They’re a stationery and lifestyle brand with a fun, feminine feed. They do an amazing job of promoting their products while sticking creating a smooth, visually appealing feed.

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Our kind of Sunday blues…

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@the_citizenry: The Citizenry’s feed showcases beautiful goods ethically crafted by artisans around the world. Their feed is filled with amazing photos and stunning colors!

@parachutehome: If you’re an interior designer or just love incorporating interior design touches into your feed, Parachute is the perfect place to be inspired! Plus, how cute is this pooch!?

@maewoven: Mae Woven uses its Instagram to promote its handmade, soulful products. Their simple, clean feed is absolutely breathtaking!

@shoesofnyc: Shoe lovers, unite! This account features shoes found on the streets of NYC accompanied by quotes from people who wear them. We love how this idea is totally original, just like their feed!

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