6 Things Successful Bloggers Have in Common

6 Things Successful Bloggers Have in Common

What’s a successful blogger? What makes one? Is it defined by following? Popular posts? Revenue?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, the answer is simple: it’s a little bit of everything. A successful blogger is someone who knows their brand and builds upon it. When you look at your favorite bloggers out there today, they all seem to have some things in common that attribute to their success. So, in a quest to find out what makes a successful blogger, we’ve rounded up 6 things top bloggers have in common! 


What Makes A Successful Blogger?


They’re Passionate


First and foremost, successful bloggers have a love for what they do. After all, they’ve turned it into a career! You can’t become a blogger overnight, no matter how easy it may seem. It’s a job that you have to absolutely love and be committed to.

All successful bloggers have a passion for the blogging world and specifically, their niche. While the road to success can bring challenges, they can’t see themselves doing anything else.


They’re Consistent


Go to your favorite blogger’s site. If you scroll through their posts and browse their social media platforms, you’ll notice a common theme…consistency! This includes everything from the frequency they post to the visual elements of their brand. It’s all strategically planned in advance, and they have a content calendar they abide by. 



They Serve Their Audience


Successful bloggers write for an audience. It’s often said that when you target everyone, you target no one, so whether it be teenagers who love fashion or young entrepreneurs looking for advice a good blogger knows their audience and their needs. They look at common questions asked by their audience and provide an answer!

At the end of the day, no one knows your audience like you. So, keep them in mind whenever creating any kind of content–whether it be a blog post, Tweet, or Instagram post.

"Successful bloggers look at common questions asked by their audience and provide an answer."

They Have a Social Media Strategy


Have you ever met a big blogger who didn’t have an Instagram? Social media is an amazing tool when trying to get your content out there and it’s important for bloggers to use it to its fullest.

Most bloggers post on Instagram at least once a day, whether they’re advertising a new blog post, a contest, or a personal photo. If they aren’t posting on their grid, they’re posting on their Stories. From daily routines such as drinking coffee, writing, BTS content, to showing off their latest blog post, this tool can get you a lot of new traffic and allow you to build relationships with your existing followers.


They Utilize Pinterest


Many people don’t realize this, but Pinterest is an amazing place to grow your blog. While it might seem like a place for DIYs and cupcake recipes, Pinterest is a powerful search engine that can benefit bloggers of all kinds.

Simply choose a photo, connect your post with a link, and pin it to your Pinterest boards (we recommend creating a board specifically for your blog content!). Everyone is on Pinterest nowadays, so it provides a great way to get your content in front of fresh eyes. Whatever the motive, people will pin your content, which can result in a boost of traffic for your blog. Here are some expert tips for using the platform:

  • Imagery is key — Pinterest is your place to post all of your pretty pictures!

  • Vertical photos perform best (600 x 900 dimensions is ideal).

  • Experiment with font overlays.

  • Treat your profile like a portfolio. It’s important to make it consistent and makes sense for your brand!

  • Engage — pin multiple times a day! Consider experimenting with a tool like Tailwind to schedule posts, maximize reach, and measure success.

  • Join group boards (PinGroupie is an amazing way to find them).


They’re All About Community


Last but certainly not least, successful bloggers know the value of community. They’re constantly collaborating with other creatives and looking for ways to grow their network. Teamwork makes the dream work, and they know that the relationships they make in the industry can take them a long way!

What are your go-to blogging tips? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Lily Cooper
Lily Cooper is an Editorial Intern at Bloguettes! She has a love for writing, reading, and drinking coffee. She attends Grand Canyon University where she studies English Literature. You can find her doing anything creative in a cute coffee shop, updating her blog, or traveling to new places.