Brands We’re Loving Right Now: April 2018

Brands We’re Loving Right Now: April 2018

This month’s brand picks have all provided us with so much inspiration! From men’s beauty products to personalized gift boxes, these original companies showcase new ideas and execute them in ways that we’ve never seen before.

In this post, we’re sharing our top brand picks of April! Sit back, relax, and discover these businesses that combine their visuals and content to create memorable, unique brands!




Goop is a brand that’s got a hand in everything. They are a modern lifestyle brand that equally combines product and information in order to reach the six different pillars of wellness, travel, food, beauty, style, and work. This brand sells from their own private label as well as selecting other top products, all while staying within the lines of their carefully created brand.

Why We Love Them:
  • New and Improved “Lifestyle Brand”: Goop takes lifestyle branding to another level. In each of the six categories they target, the company offers blog-like posts that cater to each topic, as well as a curated list of shoppable items that are relevant to the selected pillar.

  • Instagram Diversity: Nowadays, most brands’ Instagrams stick to only one theme or a single type of content. Goop offers something for everyone with a wide range of diversity in their grid. Switching from fashion posts one day to travel posts the next keeps things interesting for their followers.

  • Personal Connections: Goop’s values place a huge emphasis on keeping their information relevant and honest. Their mission is to create a space for their audience to gather real advice and quality suggestions that come from “a trusted friend—not from an anonymous, crowd-sourced recommendation engine”.

This gift-based brand combines playfulness with convenience to offer customers personalized boxes of sweets that are ready to send out to their loved ones. If the name “Lolli & Pops” isn’t enough to get you on board with their whimsical branding strategy, then take a peek at their physical locations which offer “an encyclopedia of the world’s finest candies and confections”.

Why We Love Them:
  • Holiday Advantages: Lolli & Pops takes full advantage of celebrations to create promotional boxes and gift baskets that cater to each holiday or event, no matter how small! From easter egg hunt baskets to birthday boxes, they offer something for every special occasion.

  • Food Photography: This company brings the flat-lay concept to a whole new level. Their product photography offers amazing overviews of their sweets and boxes along with individual ingredient imagery that shows every detail.

  • Detailed Decor: Each location offers enough playful decoration to make you feel like a kid in the candy store (literally). They pride themselves in being the “the most delightful sweet shops in the world”.

We can’t get enough of the cool vibe that this subscription-based shaving company emits through their website and social media accounts. Harry’s mission is focused on bringing men authentic razors and skincare that are engineered for the best shaving experience. The company also tackles cultural issues and raises awareness in their linked blog.

Why We Love Them:
  • Interesting Visuals: Harry’s name and logo sets the stage for the overall personality of their brand. They combine these with a clean and simple website design to create a masculine space that is still aesthetic and beautiful to the eye.

  • Community Blog: This company takes its focus on authenticity further in its blog, “Five O’Clock.” The online magazine offers social, political, cultural, familial, and financial perspectives or news bits. Their goal is inspired by questioning societal “norms” and to bring awareness to important issues.

  • Expanding Product Line: We love how Harry’s is focused on bringing quality “beauty” products to men. This new concept is gaining popularity in the industry and it shows in their expanding collection of products. Starting out with only razors, Harry’s now offers a full line of men’s skincare and accessories on their site.

We hope you were able to draw some inspiration from these companies. We know we did!

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