Brands We’re Loving Right Now: March 2018

Brands We’re Loving Right Now: March 2018

Another month, another set of amazing brands we love! In this post, we’re highlighting the companies that stand out to us and outlining what makes them so special. From interesting product photography to unique personalities, these brands have it all!




This subscription-based stationery company combines local artist talent with in-house design to create unique paper products that are delivered to their customers each month. Not only is their Instagram feed covered in illustrations by featured artists, but it also satisfies the aesthetic palate with its bold color scheme and creative flatlays.

Why We Love Them:
  • Brand Voice: Papergang uses a fun and bubbly personality that stays consistent throughout their website, blog and social media accounts. By replacing common phrases with unusual sayings such as “Papergang In The Wild” and “It’s The Cat’s Whiskers!”, the company effectively builds up their unique brand voice.

  • Giving Back: The brand boasts it’s “4 Boxes = 1 Tree” policy. For every four boxes the company sends out, they promise to plant a tree to replenish the resource.

  • The Blog: The Papergang blog features gift guides, product reviews and showcases the artists that contribute to each month’s stationary set.


MAKE Beauty


MAKE Beauty is a new cosmetic brand that focuses on personalized care and “slow beauty” that is designed to boost self-expression. Their online store features artist collaborations in their special collections and clean product photography that speaks for itself.

Why We Love Them:
  • Outside-of-the-box Product Photography: MAKE Beauty stages their products in an innovative way that makes shopping more interactive for its customers. For example, products will be squeezed all the way out of their tubes to show the contents rather than just the outside packaging.

  • Clean Website: This brand creates a refreshingly simple online presence by keeping to a minimalistic theme. We love the clean, easy-to-read font and the organized navigation offered on their site.

  • Cool-girl Vibes: MAKE Beauty’s Instagram is full of on-trend images that feature not just the products themselves, but also aesthetic photography and graphic design. A modern spin on the grungy vibe is their brand’s main image.




Sweetgreen is working to provide healthy food to those who wouldn’t have easy access to it otherwise. The company’s main mission is to create a large community of individuals who promote real, sustainable food by connecting them to the growers and producers that make it happen. By creating a space that is catered to the specific area they are in, the brand puts forward a personal touch to their physical locations.

Why We Love Them:
  • Farm-to-table Approach: Sweetgreen’s whole company is built on the strong connection that they have with their growers. This mission is great in itself, but is also very on-trend in the food marketing world.

  • Individualized Locations: By creating a space that is catered to the specific area they are in, the brand adds a personal element to their physical stores. The brand preserves the original locations’ architecture in each city and seeks out local history to add to the overall customer experience.

  • Collaborations: Sweetgreen features occasional collaborations with local chefs to bring new seasonal items to their menus. These projects add to their theme of community and inclusive brand personality.

And there you have it! We hope you were able to learn something from these incredible brands and can apply it to your own!

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Valerie Luyckx
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