8 Habits To Quit in 2019 to Bring Your Business to the Next Level

8 Habits To Quit in 2019 to Bring Your Business to the Next Level

2019 is right around the corner and soon, we will be making those New Year Resolutions that only last a month before we go back to our old way of living. While it may just seem like another year, it’s a year that could completely change your business and help bring it to the next level.

Make 2019 your year and toss these habits out the door. A lot can change in a year, so here are some steps to take today to make the change a positive one for your business!

Pressing the snooze button

It’s tempting, I know. For some reason, waking up on time is never appealing to people. However, it’s good to get an early start on the day. Dress your best, grab a coffee, and answer those emails first thing in the morning.

Pressing the snooze button is just pushing back what you could be getting done now. The saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” is a true statement and you don’t want to be the bird snoozing through it all! Wake up when your alarm goes off, even if that’s the last thing you want to do, and start your day off on a good note.

Going to bed late

This goes hand-in-hand with pressing snooze. You don’t want to wake up when your alarm goes off if you spend the night before staying up late. Turn off those electronics, brush your teeth, and go to sleep. You should get at least eight hours of sleep every night. There are even apps that can help tell you when it’s time to go to bed to keep you accountable.

Your body, face, and mentality in the morning will thank you for going to sleep early. Now you have time and energy to make those pancakes and drink that coffee in the morning!

Saying that you’ll ‘do it tomorrow’

Don’t wait for tomorrow, for what you could do today. Whether it’s writing a blog post or making a big business move, don’t leave it for the next day. That’s how you get nothing done. Suck it up, and use your time wisely and do it. Your future self will thank you and your business will thrive because of it.

So whatever it is: a meeting, photoshoot, blog post, website design, etc. Just go and do it right then and there.

Doing it on your own

Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. We let our pride get in the way and we want to do everything ourselves. This can go for having a business and blog as well. The great thing about the creative girl boss world is though that you don’t have to do it on your own.

Reach out to your favorite creatives and ask questions you have, go to conventions and connect with other people, ask your friends and family. Every way you look you have a support system who would love to help you with anything! Stop trying to do everything yourself and lean on some others. It is crazy how much difference a little helping hand will make to your business.

Not managing your money

Budget, budget, budget! It can be a pain to have to keep track of your finances and make a plan for your business or blog, but it will help you out in the long run. Plan how much you will spend monthly for individual parts of your business and stick with it. You will save money, have a better savings account, and feel like your life is in order all at the same time.

Working 24/7

While working and utilizing your time wisely is important, taking a break from it all is just as essential to having a healthy life. Set a certain amount of hours to work on your business and then the minute the hour changes, get off the clock and do non work-related things! Hang out with your friends, try out that new recipe you’ve been wanting to make forever, watch a Netflix show, read, or call your mom!

Work can be fun, but not if you are doing it for the entirety of your day. Take a break for you and step back a little. Mental-you will thank you a million times.

Drinking coffee as if it was water

Coffee is the essential drink to have when working. It’s fun, keeps you awake, and is the natural instinct when managing your business. However, it isn’t water, and sometimes we can forget that. We can be three coffees in and our hands are shaking, and still go for more coffee.

Keep a water bottle at your desk and try to drink as much of it as you can! Staying hydrated is key to getting through the day and even though coffee can keep you awake, it doesn’t have the same effects that water does.

Not investing in classes and events

We get it, money is tight and it can be daunting to invest a lot of money into classes and events. It is important though and a great tool for boosting your business as a whole and making some great contacts.

Search around your area for events and try at least one! It doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive one. The payoff for going to events and workshops will be big for your company and brand. Plus, you’ll get to meet some pretty cool people along the way.

Go into the New Year with a great start and attitude. Throw all those bad habits out the door and make 2019 the year that your business takes off!

Lily Cooper
Lily Cooper is an Editorial Intern at Bloguettes! She has a love for writing, reading, and drinking coffee. She attends Grand Canyon University where she studies English Literature. You can find her doing anything creative in a cute coffee shop, updating her blog, or traveling to new places.