5 Qualities of a Standout Logo

5 Qualities of a Standout Logo

A logo is an introduction to a brand! It’s a visual representation of a company and what it stands for. It also serves as a brand sneak peek and is often the first thing people associate with it. It’s an essential marketing tool whether you have an established business or it’s brand new to the market!

A logo has the ability to tell a story and inspire trust among an audience, which is why your image must be crafted with intention and precision! People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds, so there are certain qualities any great logo has that draw customers in and make them want to stay.

“Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo,” David Airey, author of Logo Design Love, says.

Well, we’re here to make sure you have all the tips and tricks necessary to design the right one. Outstanding logos are one-of-a-kind, but there are five characteristics they all have in common. Here’s a list of the qualities to bear in mind when designing yours…




Logos are the main visual form of communication between a company and its customers! Because they provide insight about your company, brand consistency is key when it comes to logo design.

To ensure it fits your company’s overall mission, draw inspiration from your values and target audience! A logo is only effective if it’s appropriate and goes hand-in-hand with the rest of your branding.

For example, compare the original Apple logo to the one the tech corporation uses today. When the company incorporated rainbow colors into its icon, the logo evoked a sense of free-spirit and youth.



While the image of an apple still makes the company seem friendly and relatable, its new black and white color scheme instead induces a vibe of professionalism and sophistication, which aligns with its products and services.




Your logo will appear on all kinds of marketing materials, from business cards to billboards! You’ll save yourself quite a bit of time by making sure yours is versatile. This includes designing it to be scalable and transformable. It should be legible and detailed regardless of its size or color.

There are four questions you should ask yourself when designing a company icon, according to Creative Market:


Will the logo...
  • Look good in reverse color?

  • Be clear when sized to fit a postal stamp?

  • Be clear when sized to fit a billboard?

  • Be effective when printed in just one color?

A great example of versatility is the logo we created here at Wela Creative Studio for Heart of Solace, one of our clients! Heart of Solace is a company that serves as a forum for abuse survivors. Although the icon is minimalistic, it stands out in various colors and on different marketing materials and products! As seen in the mockup below, the H of S logo can be translated to print, web, and we also played around with the icon to create a fun, playful pattern!




A logo must be unique in order to stand out in the minds of customers! Logos are seen everywhere nowadays, including tv commercials, social media, buildings, and much more. Successful logos have a reach and stand out from the crowd.

The Nike wing and Target bullseye are just two images in the athleticwear and retail industries that come to mind. They’re iconic in that sense that they are recognizable in various locations and cultures around the world.



These logos are simple, yet send a message about their respective brands! The Nike logo represents the Greek goddess of victory, which can be seen as inspirational for athletes. It’s also been called a “swoosh” to represent the sound of a shoe moving with speed. The Target logo is symbolic of the bullseye in the center of a target and is simple, yet bold.

The story behind your brand is what makes it original! When brainstorming for a logo, outline your company values and goals. Think of words and phrases that sum up your mission and transform them into visuals.

This is the thought process we use at Bloguettes when working with clients to create logos for their brands! We worked alongside one of our amazing clients Liz, founder of The Lovekick (we developed her business name too!), to brainstorm words that came to mind when thinking about her business. The Lovekick is a love, dating, and relationship consulting service, and these are the words we came up with:


Inspiration Words
  • Transformation

  • Positivity

  • Encouragement

  • Fulfillment

We then used these terms as inspiration to create a logo that properly conveyed each of them!




Chances are, you’re expecting your company to be around for quite a while…that’s why it’s essential for your logo to be able to stand the test of time!

Logos are supposed to be timeless and traditional. While certain typography and colors may be all the rage at the moment, remember to think about the long-term!  Experiment with fonts that are simple, classy, and readable. Try out colors that are minimal, yet bold.

Although you may eventually decide to do some rebranding, choosing an icon that people can associate with your company will help establish customer loyalty and recognition right off the bat.




A logo can leave a permanent impression on customers’ minds if done right! The ultimate goal is to create an icon people can see and automatically know the name and mission of your company.

Look around and see what types of fonts, colors, and shapes catch your eye. Think about why you’re drawn to them and incorporate these thoughts into your own creative process.

This is something we kept in mind when designing the logo for Mooi, a makeup studio in Denver, CO. We worked alongside the founders Raquel and Ahmana to create something unique that represents the vibe of their business well…which will result in memorability! 



To Wrap Things Up…


While designing a logo may seem like a stressful, make-it-or-break-it process, it doesn’t have to be! Take some time to research your niche and conceptualize your various ideas. Seek guidance from the people around you and hear out their feedback. Remember that the process takes time, and it’s a journey to discovering your brand’s identity!


Ready to create the logo of your dreams? We offer a Brand Identity Development service here at Wela Creative Studio! Contact us at welacreativestudio.com to learn more and explore the possibility of working together!

Emily Taylor
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