How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Instagram

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Instagram

Perhaps almost every blogger’s favorite social media platform to promote their expertise is Instagram. No other social media channel cycles through more visual content more often than Instagram, and it shows!

Whether you’re an established blogger or are just getting started, Instagram is an amazing platform to boost your exposure. Here are a few specific ways to use Instagram to get more eyes on your blog!


How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Instagram


Maintain a Cohesive Theme


Instagram is all about creating a look that’s highly visual, entertaining, and makes viewers want to see more.

As a content creator, you already know that having a unique tone and look is key to getting your voice out there. Now, translate that advice to the images you post on your Instagram profile! To create a cohesive feed, use filters and apps that adjust lighting, contrast, and saturation.


Tip: Remember that the secret to creating a feed that flows together isn’t necessarily putting the same filter on every photo–it’s all about the adjustment tools!


Create Community


Instagram offers you the ability to chat with your audience and fellow bloggers in a whole new way. Hold contests, chat through your content via Instagram Stories, promote new blogs on your grid, and use Instagram’s evolving features to show off your products, style, travel tips, recipes, and other content in a visually-driven way.


Use Hashtags Carefully


Hashtags are the key to garnering engaged followers and getting yourself discovered organically. We all know that using bots and other similar traffic drivers is unethical and only works in the short run, but knowing how to use hashtags strategically will get you noticed by people who want to know more about what you do.

We recommend choosing between 5-10 pertinent hashtags to promote your content to a niche audience and to a more widespread group. Also, be sure to hide your hashtags by displaying them in the first comment after you’ve posted your photo so it doesn’t clutter your caption. Plus, it will eventually be buried by other comments.




Use Your Bio Wisely


A bio is a way to say hello and make your prospective audience more interested in what you have to say. To maintain relevance, try to update your bio once every few weeks with what you’re currently working on, updated business information, or keywords that might help you get noticed.


Use the link wisely, too. Try programs like or that help shorten your link and make it more aesthetically pleasing! You can also use Planoly’s Shoppable feature to tag products linked to your e-commerce site.

What are some of your favorite ways to use Instagram to drive traffic to your blog? Do you have strategies hidden up your sleeve? Share them with us in the comments below!

Taylor Toledo
Taylor Toledo is a marketing consultant in Northern California. She loves creating content, consulting on social media tips and tricks, and providing communications services for multiple industries. She believes that there is enough success for everyone and strives to be a part of a community bigger than herself. When she isn't meeting with clients or working furiously on a communications campaign, she's planning her wedding and winding down with friends at happy hour!