How Much Money Do Bloggers Really Make?

How Much Money Do Bloggers Really Make?

Thinking about starting a blog or looking to increase revenue for one that’s already up and running? A frequently asked question is just how much money do bloggers make?

Even further, you may be wondering how exactly a blogger gets paid or where the money comes from. Before you buckle down and get serious about the blogging business, it’s important to understand all of the ways you can monetize in order to successfully launch your blog as not only a hobby, but a new career.

To get started on building your blogger knowledge, we’ve put together a few insights on how bloggers generate their revenues.


The Numbers


First off, let’s talk numbers. How much do the majority of bloggers make on a month-to-month basis and what are your chances of making it to the big leagues with a self-owned blog?

A study done by ProBlogger shows that out of 1,500 users who actively try to create revenue, 25% earn between $10 and $100 a month, while 17% make from $100 to $500 a month. The top 13% of bloggers bring in over $1000 every month.

In another study done by, around 17% of 1,000 surveyed bloggers are able to either sustain their lifestyle or support family members with their blogs.

Of course, there are always variations and exceptions to these statistics. However, these numbers show that it is possible to make money from your blog (or at least to cover coffee funds!). It all just depends on your revenue sources and how your content is received.


"It is possible to make money from your blog (or at least to cover coffee funds!)"

Rethink Your Primary Source


Although you might immediately assume that advertising is the only way to generate revenue for your blog, consider other sources before jumping to conclusions. Recent studies show that 50% of respondents said (advertising) is their number-one method of bringing in revenue, however, 46% of bloggers remarked that selling their own products is their main fool-proof way of making money. Many bloggers are relying on new sources to diversify the way they generate income.

Ways Bloggers Make Money


More Sources = More Money!


Many beginner bloggers tend to hold on tight to one main source of income and ignore other possibilities. Whether it be due to intimidation or just sticking to the status quo, you can easily miss out on combined source revenue, which in turn may lead to even more opportunities for growth.

When starting a blog, it’s better to utilize a few different ways of producing income rather than just completely relying on one. Versatility also opens up new doors for bloggers to take on more projects and clientele. For example, by adding service options to your blog, you can unlock even more opportunities such as paid coaching or training.


Characteristics of a Money-Making Blog


Regardless of what type of blog you may have, there few basic guidelines that successful bloggers live by in order to reach their financial goals.

Successful bloggers are more likely to...
  • Not see their blog as their sole source of income, but instead view it as a tool to launch projects.

  • Be patient! Money-making bloggers view their site as a long-term investment in their business and don’t rush the process.

  • Not just blog for the purpose of making money. They’re passionate about the content they create.

  • Create content that’s unique and different. They’re original and are always discussing new topics on their blog.


Acknowledge the Exceptions


Although the surveys and studies show concrete numbers, it’s important to understand that revenue is ultimately determined by the individual and earnings can widely vary. If you’re just starting out, be patient! On average, it can take up to 3 months to see any real money, depending on your posting frequency and niche.

However, optimizing your income by combining sources of revenue may ensure a smoother ride to the top!

Have you tried out any of these ways of monetizing your content? Let us know in the comments below! Or, if you’re interested in creating a strategy to make a profit from your blog, contact us at!

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