How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Your Advantage

How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Your Advantage

Everyone loves Pinterest. It’s a place for girls to plan their wedding, moms to find quick dinner recipes, and guys to discover life hacks. It’s also a great place for bloggers to get their content out there in a way that’s not shouting in people’s faces. In fact, it’s the platform that gets the people to come to you!

However, when you’re pinning and scrolling, it can sometimes feel like your talking to a brick wall. It’s hard to imagine people actually seeing your pins, opening the link, sharing them, and following you. This is where a not-so-secret feature of Pinterest comes in: Pinterest Group Boards.


Pinterest Group Boards: What Are They?


A Pinterest Group Board is essentially a regular Pinterest board, except that multiple people can pin to it and see others’ pins. People allowed into the Group Board can pin, re-pin, and follow each other all in one location.

The Benefits
  • Gain Followers: If you are included in a fairly large group, you can potentially get a good amount of new followers in your same niche. 

  • Increase Re-pins: Pinterest group boards are a major way to get re-pins. Sometimes, the rules in Group Boards require you to re-pin a certain amount of pins per one post in the group. With the amount of people re-pinning your content, it increases the potential of their followers seeing it, and their followers, and so on.

  • Boost Engagement: As you start to pin in group boards, you’ll see the engagement for your pins go up since they’re being shared across the board. Another added bonus? You might even notice the engagement of the links included in your pins rise.


What to Look For (or to Avoid) in Groups


Quality: Pinterest looks at the quality of the boards you belong to. Make sure the pins that the Group is sharing are high quality and match the set aesthetic.

Links: Make sure the pins link to the appropriate sites! You don’t want to join a Group filled with spam or inappropriate content.

Relevancy: Check that the pins are relevant to the title and description of the group board. If it features a chaotic mix of pins that have nothing to do with the actual group’s design, then chances are you won’t get much traffic from that group.

Random Groups: There are random group boards out there where any pins are game to put into the group. Try to avoid these because they usually don’t lead to a lot of content sharing, despite the large amount of people in them.

Contributor Number: Look for groups with a good amount of contributors, but not too many. The boards with an outrageous amount of people tend to be too cluttered and not as pleasant to look at.


Where to Find Groups


There are many ways to find Pinterest Group Boards! You can find them through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or really in any other social media platform. is another great resource to find popular Group Boards! Even just going on Pinterest and looking at other people’s boards can be a good way to discover good Groups. Once you find a Group Board you like, you can message the owner asking if you can join.


How To Make Your Own Group Board


Not finding boards related to your niche? Create your own!

Step-by-step guide to create a group board on Pinterest:
  • Go to “+” and select “Create Board”

  • Name the board and then press “Create”

  • Select the pencil graphic to add the description and the “rules” of your board. Add the topic of your Group start to add contributors. Then get pinning!


Tips for Group Board Success
  • Only join groups that are relevant to your niche

  • Try to share your original content to the board

  • Only pin to the group if it matches the criteria or topic

  • Give back and repin from people in your group

And there you have it! Now you’re ready to go conquer the Pinterest world. Happy Pinning!

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