Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed: October 2018

Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed: October 2018

This month is filled with falling leaves, Halloween treats, and most importantly — social media updates! October has been packed with app upgrades and new feature launches. We’ve highlighted all the important information for you to browse below!




1. Two-factor authentication


To ensure that you’re the only person who has access to logging into your account, you can now enable a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature on Instagram. This 2FA is all app-based, rather than SMS-message-based 2FA, which can be less secure.

To enable this security precaution on your account, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Instagram mobile app
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Scroll down to the Privacy and Security section
  • Select Two-Factor Authentication
  • Choose Authentication App (for higher security)
  • From there, choose whatever option works best for you to authenticate your page
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your advice (this will occur every time you you login to your account from a new device)


2. Tapping instead of scrolling through explore posts


Instagram is considering debuting a new way to navigate posts on the explore page. This new update could entail tapping through posts (similar to stories) rather than scrolling. There are a few reasons for this potential tap-to-advance change:

  • Ease of use
  • Thumb health — seriously, constant scrolling can be tough on joints
  • Ensure full-screen view of the post appears on the phone screen


3. Taking a stand against cyberbullying


Now, Instagram is owned by Facebook, and Facebook invests in artificial intelligence technologies that have the potential to improve the user experience of their apps. A new form of AI can visually scan photos on Instagram for cyberbullying, as opposed to the previous version that could only browse text, such as captions, for bullying content.

This update demonstrates how committed Instagram is to maintain a positive environment on their app. Additionally, users can use the “Hide Offensive Comments” setting, block comments from specific Instagram users, and filter out negative keywords from their comments — all with the attempt to weed out negativity.


4. Six person video chat


Instagram first launched video calling in June, since then, the demand for the feature has increased. So, Instagram rolled out an updated version of the feature where users can create a video chats with up to six people added.




1. Introducing 3D photos


Viewing your friends’ and family’s photos on Facebook just got a lot more interesting! Now, you can browse realistic 3D pics on your Facebook feed. This feature allows everyone to view lifelike images that appear to move. The ability to post these photos will depend on the type of phone you have. Once the feature is completely rolled out on Facebook, it will support Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and iPhone XS.


2. Group chat with up to 250 people


Facebook is now combining Groups and Messenger to support chat rooms of up to 250 people! Starting this month, Facebook began to gradually roll out this feature. The Chat for Groups feature aims to connect group members and make forum discussions accessible for a more real-time experience.


Here’s how the new feature looks:


Additionally, you’ll have the option to opt-in or out of notifications for the group chats, so they won’t be blowing up your phone if you don’t want them to!


3. Facebook workplace updates


Workplace is the version of Facebook curated for business professionals and organizations. The three important Workplace updates are:

  • Improved messaging features
  • Ability to pin important posts
  • Safety checks

The messaging aspect of Workplace is getting an upgrade. Now, users will be able to have direct conversations with the potential to video or voice call. Conversations within the messenger can also be organized; “do not disturb” flags can be put on insignificant messages, while must-have chats can be pinned as important items.

Pinning important posts is also an option for Workplace feeds. With this update, IT admins will have the opportunity to filter important posts to the top of feeds, which — in a way — gives them control over algorithmic sorting in the app. This will have an impact on what users view and reply to first.

Finally, safety checks in Workplace will be implemented. Safety Check for Workplace is similar to reporting oneself as “Safe” on Facebook after a natural disaster. As companies continue to grow in their global influence, it’s even more important for employers to keep track of their employees, and ensure their safety. Through Safety Check, businesses will be able to “locate their employees and notify them through Workplace Chat and other avenues when they are in harm’s way.” And don’t worry, Workplace will not be tracking your location through the app. Rather, employers will use data that they have internally about company travel and itineraries.


4. List jobs through Facebook


Online advertising for jobs is a great way to build awareness for your brand and attract new talent. Facebook has always allowed businesses to post job listings on their pages, but starting this month, the app will also let businesses post jobs in Facebook groups that they’re part of. This will allow for a more targeted post where qualified candidates are likely already engaged.



The new job listings feature will also allow managers to track applications more efficiently through a “Manage Job” tab. Star candidates can be marked and others can be sorted out.



5. Updated branded content tags


With the hopes of clarifying branded content and brand relationships, Facebook is updating their paid content tags. Now, the tags will read “Paid Partnership,” rather than the previous tag “Paid,” as seen below:


Furthermore, Facebook will be integrating new information tags to photos with branded content. This tag will link to more information about the brand and creator partnership. This information will hopefully provide more transparency and insight into what each brand stands for.



6. Updated messenger


Messenger is decluttering it’s image and simplifying its aesthetic. From now on, the updated Facebook Messenger will have 3 navigation tabs (it was previously sorted in 5 sections).



Messenger chats will also become customizable with colors and gradients that can be changed at any time to reflect your mood.





1. Miniplayer feature


The wait has come to an end! Over the years, many YouTube users have requested the ability to simultaneously watch a video while browsing the rest of the site. Now you’re able to watch your video in a small window while searching for other videos on YouTube; it looks like this:



This update is title the Miniplayer Feature, and it even has the options to play and pause, and move from previous to next video all from the small screen.




1. Snapchat lenses for your cat


Yes, you heard that right. Snapchat has new filters that recognize your furry friend. This update might not be a gamechanger for your social media brand presense, but it’s definitely a fun, quirky addition to the app!



2. New lens options for you


Creative lenses have also been created for you! The app is launching lense segmentation, where you’ll be able to identify a portion of the photo (like your hair) and change that specific section of the picture.


Read more about unique Snapchat lenses here.


3. Snap Originals


Snapchat introduced 12 original shows that are available through the discover page, or you can search for them on Snapchat. Snap Originals will also have filters, interactive lenses, and other fun ways to share the show with your friends on the app. This sort of original programming is another way to engage users on the image and message-based app.




1. Twitter publicly flags inappropriate tweets


Now, when a tweet violates Twitter’s terms of service, a box will appear that reads “This tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.” Then, Twitter’s terms will be linked following that message.


With this new feature, Twitter is making an effort to make it clear when and how they enforce their rules and terms. Previously, the app required users to delete offensive tweets before they’re able to post another tweet. Now, that same rule applies, but in addition, the offensive tweet message will be visible on the user’s original tweet and profile for up to 14 days.


2. Annotations in moments


Twitter is reportedly testing out annotations on select twitter moments. The annotations appear as small sections of text between other tweets in moments. An example is highlighted below:



So what’s the point of annotations? First, they provide context and define topics within a Twitter moment. Second, these annotations indicate that Twitter is finding new ways to ensure posts are filled with value and validity.




1. New shopping options


Online shopping just got even more fun with Pinterest’s updated eCommerce tools. Check out these three new ways to shop through the Pinterest app:


  • Product Pins will replace Buyable Pins
  • Shopping recommendations on your feed
  • Shortcut to purchase must-have items


Buyable Pins have been made over as Product Pins. Within a Product pin, Pinterest users will be able to view up-to-date pricing and availability of the item they wish to purchase. Plus, the Pin will feature links that bring users directly to the retailer’s site for easy shopping.



Next, Pinterest will be recommending shopping suggestions under Style and Home Pins. From this section, users will be able to view similar in-stock items from a variety of brands. This will aid in the creation of a shoppable Pinterest feed, where you can go to one website (Pinterest) to then see trendy products from many different stores.



Finally, Pinterest is integrating a shortcut button to purchased Pinned items immediately. Simply click and hold on the shopping tag to shop similar items that are in stock.


We want to know what you think about these social media updates! Let us know in the comments below.

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