Social Media Updates You Might’ve Missed: June 2018

Social Media Updates You Might’ve Missed: June 2018

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The summer season is in full swing, and it’s hard to believe June is coming to an end already! As the summer sun heats up, so are your favorite social media platforms. From Instagram’s latest shopping tag to Facebook’s focus on memory making, social media apps underwent several exciting changes this month! Many of them are becoming one-stop-shops for all things commerce, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Give our post a read to learn all about this month’s batch of social media updates!




Shopping Tags


Shopping has never been easier with Instagram’s latest update! We know…it’s yet another way cute clothes and decor can tempt us. The addition of “shoppable tags“ makes users clicks away from an immersive retail experience.

Brands now have the option to include a shopping bag sticker in their Stories that lead viewers to more details about a product or service. With 300 million people using Insta Stories every day, this update gives companies an opportunity to drive sales directly from the platform. The shopping experience is brought to customers without them having to leave the comfort of their couch and pajamas!



Watch out YouTube, Instagram TV is making its debut! IG recently announced a long-form video feature that will allow users to watch and post videos up to 60-minutes in length – a big leap from its previous 60-second limit. The update is intended to offer a convenient space for users to watch scripted shows and music videos in full-screen and high-definition.

The “continue watching” element may just trap you in a binge-watching session! Users can scroll through a feed of popular videos featuring celebrities and Youtube stars or view them through a Browse tab. Every video will include a swipe-up feature linking to a creator’s very own website, which may prove to be a useful traffic-driving tool!

IGTV can be accessed from the platform itself or through a separate app. Browse away!

Bye to Screenshot Notifications


Instagram has decided to take away its screenshot notification feature. The platform tested an element in February that informed users about who screenshot their stories! After considering the temporary nature Insta Stories are intended to have, it took the feature away. There’ll be no more knowing who’s grabbing your pics!



Memories and More


Facebook launched a new and improved Memories page where users can reflect on their most treasured moments with family and friends over the years! While the platform currently includes memory elements, this update is an exciting expansion to features, such as “On This Day.”

The content on this page isn’t new, it’s simply re-organized into one place! New elements you’ll find on the Memories page include videos, collages, friendiversaries, and “Memories You May Have Missed.” It gives users the opportunity to reflect on the past and all it entailed! Users will also be able to filter the content they see with various control options.

Memory Bookmark Locations
  • Left of News Feed on Desktop

  • “More” tab in bottom right of app

  • Notifications and messages in News Feed


Enjoy Music


Facebook is making music a fundamental part of the platform! A Lip Sync Live feature and video sharing option will transform the app into an audio experience for users. With its own rendition of karaoke, users will be able to have spontaneous musical moments they can record and share with family and friends!

How It Works
  • Choose the Lip Sync Live option when starting a Live Video

  • Select a song from the provided list

  • Customize the video as you please with text and backgrounds

  • Share! 

Facebook Marketplace


Facebook is making moves to appeal to businesses more and more these days! Companies now have the option to advertise on Facebook’s Marketplace page as a way to reach users already actively shopping!

The ads will appear alongside other products and services in the Marketplace and across the platform in locations such as News Feed, Instagram, and Messenger. This cross-platform advertising is meant to help businesses reach their target audiences where they’re already spending their time.

Subscription Groups


Facebook is hoping to give users more bang for their buck! The platform is testing the addition of “Subscription Groups” to the app’s current Groups feature. The update will charge users for exclusive content within the respective groups they’re apart of!

Group admins will able to charge users $4.99 to $29.99 per month for in-depth video tutorials, products, direct support, and much more! Through this test, the platform hopes to determine whether or not users will find such exclusive content helpful and valuable.


Facebook Fundraisers


Facebook is taking steps to play a more active role in the community! With the new Facebook Fundraisers feature, non-profit organizations will have various tools to raise more money and support for their causes.

Brands and public figures will have the option to share fundraisers on their pages as a way to drive more traffic to them. Fundraising groups will also be able to appoint up to three administrators to ensure the page is in tip-top shape and seen by as many people as possible!



Retractable Messages


Never worry about sending an embarrassing snap to the wrong person again! With Snapchat’s latest feature, known as Clear Chats, users will be able to retract messages and photos they sent before they’re seen.

All users have to do is hold down the message (text, image, video, etc.) they sent and click the delete button that pops up! While the recipient will no longer be able to see the message, they’ll be notified that you deleted it.

It’s important to keep in mind that the feature may not properly work if the recipient doesn’t have the app update or a proper internet connection.

Bouncing Boomerang


Instagram’s boomerang feature is a fan favorite among users, and Snapchat wants in! Whether cheering glasses together or striking a pose, users turn to this feature to document moments in the most fun of ways!

Snapchat is testing its own version of boomerang with a feature known as bounce that will allow snappers to create looping videos of their own. The feature hasn’t made its official public debut yet, but we sure hope it comes soon!



Explore Away


Twitter is updating its explore feed to give users an immersive experience they won’t want to leave! The feed will now include curated pages consisting of the latest news, live events, and stories.

The update will also connect users to accounts and Twitter communities that pique their interests most! A combination of human-curated and algorithmic content will be used to determine what a user’s interests are and which accounts they’ll see on their timeline.

As you can tell, this month was filled with many new and improved social media features! Give these updates a try for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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