Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed: September 2017

Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed: September 2017

September has been quite the month in terms of updates in social media. Apple launched 3 new iPhones, Instagram added some new features, and Facebook introduced a new ‘Snooze’ button, just to name a few. 

It’s important to keep up with the ever-changing social media world in order to keep your blog or business up and runnin’. So, in case you missed any of the latest updates, here you have ‘em!


Social Media Updates: September 2017


Instagram Stories Direct Message

On Instagram, you can now send your friends a Story that’s been posted by someone else! So, next time you see a Story that reminds you of your bestie, just click the button on the bottom right and send it their way.


New iPhones


This announcement was long awaited. In case you missed it, there are some pretty exciting things coming this November for Apple. So here are some features making their debut soon that you should be aware of!


  • The iPhone X has face recognition. This phone has taken the world by storm, and everyone is chatting about this feature specifically! The newest iPhone does not require a password or thumbprint. Instead, it recognizes your face and signs you right in.
  • The iPhone 8 is able to be charged wirelessly. This water and dust resistant phone is also all glass which makes for an extremely chic look!


Planoly’s New Hashtag Manager


With Planoly’s latest update, you can create hashtag groups! In those groups, you can add up to 30 hashtags and later just copy and paste the hashtags to your comment. This is a quick and easy way to manage hashtags you’ll be using for posts on a regular basis.

For more about the latest Planoly update, read our This Just In! from earlier in the month.



Facebook’s Snooze Button

Facebook’s latest update allows you to unfollow friends, pages, or groups for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days! This means you can avoid all the chatter about the next get-together or the annoying ads popping up every day.

If you have a page or group yourself, have no fear–this may actually benefit you as well! This is because a user now has the chance to hit the “Snooze” button, rather than choosing to unfollow the page as a whole.


Bitmojis in Snapchat


This new Snapchat feature will be available as an option when viewing the rear camera lens. Spachat’s “world lens” uses augmented reality and your phone’s camera to create a 3D Bitmoji based on the one you have already created through the Bitmoji app! It’s a fun way to add a little extra personality to your Snaps.


Insta Stories on the Web


In the past, Instagram has only allowed you to view Stories from the mobile app. However, this is all about to change! You can now sign in to IG from the web and view Stories, so you never miss a beat.


Pinterest Autoplay


Pinterest has always been a hub for people in the creative business world! Now, video ads automatically start playing as you scroll through your feed, which means that users are going to be quickly drawn to your ads.



Facebook’s Canvas Ads on Instagram


Ads now take up the entire screen on Insta stories! This is something that Facebook implemented not too long ago with its Canvas ads, and it is now on the ‘Gram as well. Users are sure to be captivated by the ad since it will take up their screen. Businesses will be able to use this to capture the audience’s attention quickly and efficiently.


IG Stories on Facebook


You can now share your Insta Stories directly to Facebook with the push of a button. Facebook Stories were introduced earlier in the year, however, they haven’t taken off quite as much as IG Stories did when they came out! So, the solution? Sharing them both in one click. 


Facebook Instant Videos


Facebook’s Instant Video feature is in testing, and it will allow you watch videos without using mobile data. Any video that features a lightning bolt logo will be able to be watched without using data. 

What’s your favorite social media update from the past month? Let us know in the comments below! 

Shannon Haupert
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