Why Core Values are Important to the Success of Your Business

Why Core Values are Important to the Success of Your Business

At the heart of every successful business is a set of core values that define its identity and overall mission. While it’s essential for a company to create, define and discuss its values, it’s another for it to put its principles into practice. The businesses that dedicate time to crafting thoughtful rather than cookie-cutter ideals have a strong foundation for long-term prosperity.

Core values reach far beyond the ‘About Me’ page on your company website. They instill trust in your customers and will leave them with a thorough understanding of your company’s culture, which may just keep them coming back for more of your goodness!


What Are Core Values?


Core values are the heart of company! They summarize the purpose of its existence, so long as they are authentic and genuine.

Ideals are the fundamental beliefs of a company. They help shape its unique identity and vision. These values are especially important when it comes to a company’s decision-making process and various calls-to-action.

For instance, a company that values transparency will always be open and honest with their customers.  A company that emphasizes collaboration will push for teamwork and clear communication.


Why Have Core Values?


People tend to be attracted to values that resemble their own, according to Entrepreneur. Laying out authentical ideals that reflect who you are as a person and business will allow you to build a team of like-minded individuals. Your employees will not only respect your values but practice them as well!

How do you go about defining the core values of your business? Think about the principles and beliefs you hold in your day-to-day life. Installing these within your work is a great way to ensure your career is fulfilling, rather than just a source of income!

It’s no doubt that your company practices will change over time as evolving economic and business factors are inevitable; however, thoughtful core values will always stand the test of time.

Once your values are set-in-stone, it’s time to share them with the world! Use your website and social media platforms to spread the word. We curated an example list of how companies communicate their values to their audiences. Check them out below!


Wela Creative Studio


Here at Wela Creative Studio, we strive to build inspirational brands and tell impactful stories. We wouldn’t be able to do these things without our company values:

Wela Creative Studio Core Values
  • Quality – We give 100 percent to everything we do, and nothing less!

  • Credibility – We provide clients with accurate, relevant, and helpful info!

  • Approachability – We believe in a casual, confident, and professional workplace!

  • Collaboration – We utilize the strengths of each team member!

  • Respect – We’re a family and know that how we treat one another influences the work environment!

It’s important that our clients have a fun and exciting experience with us, which is why we want them to understand our unique company culture!

Our identity is communicated through our website and social media. We emphasize who we are through photos, videos, and even our blog posts! One of the first things we include on our About page is a video tour of our office space. It is a bright, open environment that encourages collaboration.

Our team is comprised of light-hearted yet professional individuals. We’re laid-back, but we know how to get the job done!




Madewell is a clothing company for all the denim lovers out there! It creatively emphasizes its core values through its business practices and products. Customers can gain a better understanding of what the company stands for by taking a peek at its site.

The About page is introduced with a set of terms that best describe its simple, timeless style. It’s straightforward about its identity and the audience it appeals to with words such as artful, unexpected, and effortless!

Madewell is based on ethical clothing production and community involvement. It further communicates its ideals through photos and testimonials that depict its production process. It also highlights key customers who are making a difference throughout the world with profile stories.



Propel Women


Propel Women is a company that brings women together to network and motivate one another! It defines itself with three bold words: Passion, Purpose, and Potential.

It sets its core values forth by defining what a “Propel Woman” is and how she values life. By explaining who the boss babes a part of this organization are, the company shows how its ideals attract strong, confident females.

Its website and social media platforms are decorated with photos of women coming together, smiling, and embracing who they are. By ensuring its marketing is consistent and intentional across all platforms, Propel Women drives home their authentic identity!


Fox Restaurant Concepts


Fox Restaurant Concepts is an umbrella corporation with 12 businesses, 50 locations across 16 states, and over 4,000 employees…oh my!

With that many moving parts, it’s hard to imagine how this company functions so successfully. At the heart of this business is a set of core values that is evident in all branches and employees.

Sam Fox, the company’s Founder and CEO, describes the business as a creative culinary community. He lives by the ideal that the best stories are shared over food, which is something he wants all of his customers to experience.

The website depicts the company’s values by breaking down its mission and explaining how “people and guests are at the heart” of it all. Photos, videos, and a blog spotlight the company’s charitable efforts and emphasis on community.



Core values are essential to your business, regardless of what industry you are in! They will shape your company’s culture and allow you to connect with your target audience.


If you’re interested in working with us to define your brand’s identity and core values, you can contact us welacreativestudio.com to learn more about our branding services!

Emily Taylor
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